Climate Challenges

June, 14 - 18


#LevelUp with @The Climate Vertical!

In the week 14th-18th of June 2021 we will conduct The Hackathon: Climate Challenges, organised by The Climate Vertical and the Romanian climate community.
We want participants and registered teams to create a project or prototype that innovates or improves an existing solution to a climate challenge. On the site you will find each challenge described.
Now is the time to find solutions, develop, test and then implement them and be part of the solution that solves a challenge.
Who can participate?
  • Startups or founders
  • NGO representatives
  • representatives of public institutions
  • companies that want to contribute to the positive impact
  • people passionate about #climatechange
If you find yourself in one of the above categories, you can come up with innovative ideas during the Hackathon and team up with people as passionate, dedicated and creative as you.
How can you participate?
Until June 9th, you can register .
A. As a participant (alone or with a friend) and you choose to solve one of the challenges we selected in the Open Call for Challenges.
The list will be published between May 17th-20th.
B. Do you already have a team or startup formed around a challenge (from the list or another)?
-> You can sign up with the whole team and you will be joined by specialists with whom you'll develop the solution in the 5 days.

The Hacakthon Agenda
  • Monday, June 14th - First meeting & understanding the issue
  • Tuesday, June 15th - Conceptualising the solution
  • Wednesday, June 16th - Validation of the solution
  • Thursday, June 17th - Planning and sketching a prototype + Preparing for the pitch
  • Friday, June 18th - Pitch Time
****Every day the program is from 15:00 to 17:00, online, on Zoom.
Jury and Awards
The jury will evaluate the solutions proposed by the teams. The jury is made up of climate and startup experts.
    Awards for the best solutions presented:
  • You are already part of the #climate movement. You joined the movement!
  • You will receive an initial validation from experts.
  • You are selected directly in the solution development bootcamp which is an intermediate step to an accelerator that will end with a round of funding.
  • Networking and access to the expert community
  • Resources, products, services and surprises offered by partners and sponsors..
  • The Climate Vertical team will be by your side for questions and feedback to help you develop the solution better and faster in the next 6-12 months.
Participating in a hackathon gives you the opportunity to interact with people who have similar interests, a jury of experts, who will give you an initial validation of the solution and constant feedback through which you can improve the team's ideas.

We are waiting for you to register for The Hackathon: Climate Challenges until June 9th!

You can write or contact us directly on the LinkedIn page or Facebook page or by email: