The Programs

Our approach is to activate communities together with whom we identify local climate challenges and start solving them with the power of the ecosystem.
  • Our journey starts with nature exploring and educational programs. This stage goal is to connect more people with nature and harvest the feeling “humans and nature are one”.
  • We continue the journey with collecting climate challenges and start the ideation process to find solutions together with the ecosystem.
  • From this point we start accelerating teams committed to scale their solution and build global startups.

Our current program structure is designed to bring people together to solve real challenges:

1. Open Call for Climate Challenges (4th of May –> 15th of May 2021)

TCV is currently inviting Climate Challenge Owners to address any particular problem, issue, topic or obstacle identified related to climate change or affecting the environment.

Why sharing a challenge?
The community can solve your problem and you have the opportunity to become part of the solution and eventually a startup founder

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2. The Hackathon (14th of June –> 19th of June 2021)

Is a short & intense program where challenge owners and challenge solvers are meeting so an efficient solution can be developed.

Why joining the hackathon?
During hackathon the teams working on solving challenges often they team up to become co-founders and build a startup

3. The Bootcamp - Summer of 2021 - to be announced

You will have acces to 3 days of intensive workshops to validate your idea or startup.

Who can join the bootcamp?
Challenge owners with pre-validated solution, teams with ideas, startups, etc.

4. The Accelerator - Fall of 2021 - to be announced

This is a 3 month intensive program where selected participants will develop, pilot and scale solutions that mitigate climate challenge negative effects.

By participating at any of our programs you automatically join our community and the idea you are working on can be supported to become a global startup.
Submit your climate challenge, until May 10th 2021.
We will solve the challenges in June, at The Hackathon.